Smart sensor for recognition of simple and complex hand movements: From estimation to fault detection

Photo of Dr. Inès Chihi

Dr. Inès Chihi

Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering, Université du Luxembourg

April 12, 2023 15:30 - 17:00

SITE 5084 (800 King Edward), University of Ottawa

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Co-sponsored by IEEE Ottawa Instrumentation and Measurment Chapter and School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa

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Many investigators are interested in improving the control strategies of hand prosthesis to make it functional and more convenient to use. The most used control approach is based on the forearm muscles activities, named 'ElectroMyoGraphic' (EMG) signal. However, these biological signals are very sensitive to many disturbances and are generally unpredictable in time, type, and level. This leads to inaccurate identification of user intent and threatens the prosthesis control reliability.

In a first analysis, this presentation will focus on smart sensor solution for estimation of simple and fine hand movements based on multi-model structure. In a second analysis, we will present fault detection approach considering several types and combinations of faults in one or two inputs signals and in the same or different instants. The proposed approach is considered as a model-independent abrupt or intermittent fault detection method and as an alternative solution to the unpredictable input observer-based techniques, without any observability requirements. The proposed solution is appropriate for many rapidly expanding fields and practices, including biomedical engineering, robotics, and biofeedback therapy or even military applications.


Inèss CHIHI was born in Tunis, Tunisia. She obtained her PhD degree in electrical engineering from the National Engineering School of Tunis in 2013. From the same school she obtained her "Habilitation Universitaire" degree in electrical engineering in 2019. Inès was a professor in Tunisia from 2013 until 2016.

Since 2017, Inès has been the founder and president of the Association of Energy Efficiency and the Environment (A3E) and she is a member of the first Tunisian Network for Energy Transition. Inès is a member of the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD), Program Unit of UNESCO.

Since January 2022 Inès has joined the Department of Engineering (DoE) at the University of Luxembourg as a professor in sensors & measurement technologies. She is the head of the research laboratory Advanced Engineering & Smart Sensors Solutions (AE3S). Her research area is based on smart sensors, estimation and identification of complex systems with unpredictable behaviors. She applies her approaches in various fields: bioengineering, energy, industry 4.0, etc.

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