Recent advances in molecular phylogenetics

Dr. Xuhua Xia

Biology Department and School of Information Technology, University of Ottawa
Center for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics (CAREG)
Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology (OISB)

January 17, 2008
admission is free
15:00 16:30
Minto Center 2014
Carleton University

Light refreshment will be served


Molecular phylogenetics is a rapidly developing branch of evolutionary biology that has found wide applications in many other branches of biomedical sciences. Four categories of phylogenetic methods (distance-based, maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference) have been developed to achieve two major objectives: inferring branching pattern and dating divergence/speciation events. I will identify problems and outline recent advances in molecular phylogenetics, and highlight areas where it can be applied.


Dr. Xia obtained his PhD at University of Western Ontario in 1990 and made his entry into molecular evolution and phylogenetics at University of Washington in 1993. He was recruited by University of Hong Kong in 1996 as an assistant professor, and served as a senior scientist and the founding head of the Bioinformatics Laboratory of HKU-Pasteur Research Centre. Dr. Xia joined the Department of Biology of University of Ottawa in 2002 as an associate professor, and was also cross-appointed to the School of Information Technology Engineering. He is an active member in the Center for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics (CAREG) and the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology. His web site is at

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