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Complexity-based analysis of physiological signals to decode the correlation between different organs

Photo of Dr. Hamidreza Namazi

Dr. Hamidreza Namazi

Adjunct Lecturer, School of Engineering, Monash University

Adjunct Fellow, College of Engineering and Science, Victoria University

Researcher, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

Researcher, Faculty of Sports Studies, Masaryk University

Visiting Professor, Faculty of Informatics and Management, University of Hradec Kralove

September 27, 2021 11:30 - 12:45

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It is known that physiological interactions between different organs occur at multiple levels to optimize their functions and synchronize their dynamics. Decoding these interactions is an important challenge since the organ systems are complex. This complexity is the result of interactions of multicomponent sub-systems and leads to scale-invariant output signals (e.g., EEG signals). Therefore, analysis of the physiological signals is very important to decode the connection between different organs. In this seminar, we will discuss the application of complexity-based methods (e.g., fractal theory) to quantify the complex structure of physiological signals and accordingly decode their correlation in different conditions under the network physiology. We will also discuss how the developments in this field will enhance research and applications in other fields.


Hamidreza Namazi received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). Currently, he is working as an Adjunct Lecturer at Monash University (Malaysia), a Researcher at the University of Calgary (Canada), a Visiting Professor at the University of Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic), an adjunct fellow at Victoria University (Australia), and a researcher at Masaryk University (Czech Republic). His research interests primarily focus on mathematical and computational analysis of physiological signals to decode the correlation between different organs. He is the corresponding author of more than 95 peer-reviewed ISI journal papers in the area of signal processing. He is also serving as the editor of several ISI journals such as Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine (Impact factor=6.050), Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering (Impact Factor=2.080), International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology (Impact Factor=2.000), Fluctuation and Noise Letters (Impact Factor=1.310), and Technology and Health Care (Impact Factor=1.285).

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