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Harnessing molecular vibrations: Raman spectroscopy and imaging applications in biomedicine

Photo of Dr. Sangeeta Murugkar

Dr. Sangeeta Murugkar

Professor, Department of Physics, Carleton University

Feburary 14, 2023 14:30 - 15:30

Azrieli Theatre 302. In-person only (no video streaming or recording), Carleton University




Label-free vibrational spectroscopic imaging based on inelastic (Raman) light scattering represents a rapidly emerging platform for biology and medicine. My research program in medical physics and biomedical engineering develops novel instrumentation and analysis methods based on Raman spectroscopy and coherent Raman imaging combined with other nonlinear optical imaging modalities. This enables rapid chemical, structural and functional imaging with sub-cellular resolution, without the use of external chemical contrast agents. This talk will describe our recent work to advance new techniques that support the development of ionizing radiation dosimetry and biomedical diagnostics.


Dr. Sangeeta Murugkar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at Carleton University where she leads the Laboratory for Laser-Assisted Medical Physics and Engineering (L2AMPE). She is interested in applying her background in studying light-matter interactions and her experience in the photonics industry, to develop multi-modal optical techniques for enabling fundamental biological discovery, and for future clinical and industrial translation.

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