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Real-time language processing using EEG measurements

Photo of Dr. Masako Hirotani

Dr. Masako Hirotani

Associate Professor, School of Linguistics and Language Studies

Director, Language Brain Laboratory

November 17, 2015 13:00 - 14:30

Mackenzie Building Room 3356, Carleton University




Increasingly important to cognitive science are methods that examine neural structure and activity. In this talk, I will show how questions concerning real time language processing can be addressed using an EEG technique. Using a number of experiments spanning different issues and age groups as examples, I will discuss how EEG data are collected and analyzed in language studies. Both the strengths and limitations of such studies will be explored.


Masako (Mako) Hirotani is an Associate professor of linguistics and cognitive science at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada where she directs the Language and Brain Laboratory. Her research focuses on the investigation of cognitive mechanisms for sentence processing and their neurological basis.

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