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Big Data in Biomedical Engineering: A Quality Presentation

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Adrian D. C. Chan

Professor, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University

January 30, 2019 18:00 - 19:00

Mackenzie Building Room 4359, Carleton University

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Advances in technology have led to new biomedical monitoring devices, including wearables, which allow for continuous, long-term, and ambulatory monitoring, along with the potential for real-time feedback. Wearables have broad applications, including health and wellness, fitness, human-computer interaction, and rehabilitation. The wearables market is rapidly growing (37% compounded annual growth) with device revenues reaching almost $100 billion by 2021.

Unlike conventional biomedical monitoring, performed by experts in well-controlled environments, wearables are often used by non-expert end-users in a diverse set of uncontrolled environments. As a result, wearables are highly susceptible to a variety of contaminants (i.e., noise and artifacts). Contaminated biomedical data can result in misinterpretation of the data, including misdiagnoses and false alarms. This presentation will provide an overview of the some of the research activities led by Dr. Chan on biomedical signal quality analysis.


Adrian D.C. Chan is a Professor with the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Director of the NSERC CREATE Research and Education in Accessibility, Design, and Innovation (READi) training program, and co-founder of NeuroQore Inc. He is a biomedical engineering researcher with expertise in biological signal processing, biomedical signal quality assessment, assistive devices, and noninvasive sensor systems. He served in various leadership positions at Carleton University, including: Associate Dean (Programs and Awards), Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs; Assistant Vice-President (Academic); and interim Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning). Dr. Chan has over 100 refereed publications and has been recognized with a number of honours including CMBES’ Outstanding Biomedical Engineer of the Year and the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

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